Straight To The Right (6"x6") "What?" (10"x10") Sold
I Heard A Rumor (6"x6") Barn Thoughts (6"x6")
Merry Making (6"x6") Feeling The Joy (6"x6")
Going Places (6"x6") When I Say You Can (6"x6")
Glowing Gold (6"x6") Say It With Brows (10"x10")
Discerning Thoughts (6"x6") The Jay (8"x8")
Keep Your Nose Down (6"x6") I Will NOT (6"x6")
Taking A Pause (6"x6") Class Clown (6"x6")
Your Debonair Ways (6"x6") Warm Nature (6"x6")
Worth Considering (6"x6") Onward Thoughts (6"x6")
Oh, Now You Did It (6"x6") Look Into My Eyes (10"x10")
Chick With Attitude (6"x6") Tuftie (6"x6")
Big Boy (6"x6") Go Ahead, Talk It Out (6"x6")
Stretch It! (6"x6") Cute Coasting (6"x6")
The Little Kind (6"x6") Lively Nature (6"x6")
Where Are My Ladies (10"x8") Sold The Hover (10"x8") Sold
Let's Step Out (8"x8") Big Bird (6"x6")
The Plot Thickens (6"x6") All Personality (6"x6")
Taking Consideration (6"x6") Soaring Daydreams (6"x6")
Osprey Tunes (6"x6") Summer Days (10"x10") Sold
Robin Rebreast (6"x6") Quiet Wisdom (8"x8")
He's A Grand Fella (6"x6")
Sold Birds ( A Few of My Favorites)