Hello, There (8"x8") Sold Yo! (8"x8") Sold
Little Fluffs (6"x6") Miss Soda Pop (10"x10")
Sporting The New Do (12"x12") Roosting (8"x8")
Hey, There (12"x12") Hummp! (6"x6")
Brassy (6"x6") Jo'burg Style (8"x8")
With Flare (8"x 8") Sold Ho-Hum (8"x8")
Hey, Over There! (18"x24") Sold Going About My Day (6"x6")
That's Right, It's ME! (12"x12") Sold Tough Guy (6"x6") Sold
Lucky Duck (12"x12") Sold
Trainquil Afternoon (10"x10") Sold
Is it Wednesday? (6"x6") Sold Golden Grazing (6"x6") Sold
Cow Girl (6"x6") Sold
Morning Grazing (6"x6") sold
Wading (16"x12") SOLD
Day Dreaming (10"x10") Sold
Livin' On The Edge (10"x10") Sold Going Out (9"x12") Sold
Yakety-Yak (10"x10") Sold In Charge (10"x20") Sold
Status (8"x8") Sold
Shrill (6"x6") Sold
Wild One (8"x8") Sold
Nose For Truffles (8"x8") Sold
Morning Laps (12"x6") Sold
Porculatio (10"x10") Sold