Foxie (9"x12") Sold It's All About The Pounce (10"x10") Sold
Calm & Confident (10'x10") Snazzy! (8"x10") Sold
Casual Stroll (10"x10") Sold Up There (6"x6") sold
Bunny (10"x14") Sold
Bear Distraction (6"x6") sold
Siblings Stick Together (7"x5") Sold
Bear-Like (6"x6") Sold
Gentle Lady (6"x8")
As I Was Saying... (12"x12") Sold
Taking In The View (16"x12")
Thoughtful (6"x6")
Deep Thoughts (6"x8") Sold Little Cheetah (6"x6") Sold
Panda Gold (6"x6") Sold
Young And Curious (12"x12") Sold
Look At Me (16"x12") Sold
Panda Chew (6"x8") sold
Coy (11"x14") Sold
Polar Pose (5"x7") Sold